Senator Nick Xenophon Werks His $100 Fashion Cap In Target Suit For GQ

Independent South Australian Senator Nick Xenophon has followed in the footsteps of Richard Di Natale and Malcolm Turnbull by appearing in the esteemed pages of GQ for a fashion shoot and interview – but unlike ‘Ole Turtleneck’ Di Natale, he’s elected to style himself in accordance with his strictly self-imposed $100 clothes cap.

Fre$h. He’s proudly rocking a Target suit, Lowes shoes and Kmart undies here. Xenophon is known for his thrift when it comes to Parliamentary entitlements, and often makes note of the extravagant spending of some of his colleagues.
Xenophon is one of the big wildcards of the upcoming election – he’s a popular figure in his native SA, and his new party The Nick Xenophon Team is polling very well, even against establishment candidates. Xenophon noted that to GQ:
I don’t want to suffer a case of premature exultation, but that’s what I hope for and dream of. This campaign is going to be gruelling, ugly and nasty. Most people will be surprised if Malcolm Turnbull doesn’t win, but there’s a real chance for us [Nick Xenophon Team] to snare some lower house seats.

An excerpted interview is HERE, if you’re keen, with the full exchange in GQ next month.

But wait a minute. Back to the important shit for just one moment. According to Target‘s website, their cheapest suit jackets are $79.
Lo and behold:
This is compelling evidence. If this is the case, and Target does not stock a cheaper suit jacket, it means that he’d have $29 remaining on his $100 cap to fit a shirt, tie, trousers, shoes underwear and socks. As thrifty as Xenophon claims to be… can it be done?
Can it? 

Source & image: GQ.