Nick Xenophon Is Checking If He’s A British Citizen & Oh God Make It Stop

If you wanted to sum up the last month or so of Australian politics to someone, it might go a little something like this: a whole shitload of pollies have worked out they’re ineligible to sit in Parliament under a section of the Constitution few people understand, and most of Australia couldn’t give two shits about it.

Well… there’s more. Centrist darling of the Senate Nick Xenophon might also have a bit of a dual citizenship problem. Apparently, he’s “seeking clarification” on whether he might be a British citizen.\

Basically, Xenophon’s old man came to Australia as a British citizen. He was from Cyprus, which was a British territory until 1960. So it’s entirely possible that Nick has inherited British citizenship, which would present the exact same issue under section 44 of the Constitution that has plagued Parliament since Scott Ludlam resigned.

He’s checking with the Home Office to confirm.

At this point, we should dissolve Parliament and govern this country as a loose confederacy of fiefdoms ruled by biker warlords, a la Mad Max. Might be a bit more stable.