Kirralie Smith, a hopeful NSW senator from the Australian Liberty Alliance, has come out swinging after Waleed Aly picked up the Gold Logie at the 2016 award ceremony, claiming his win was “ridiculous” and representative of a “very closed industry”.

Look, no one is above criticism. But ‘The Project’ host is educated, personable, progressive, and he considers all angles and effects before he puts forward an argument. He might be considered a shock jock for the left, but there has to be a Batman when there’s so many Jokersno?

The bloke’s created an environment where people look to an extremely-commercial television show in order to gain political insight and apply critical thinking to outdated and often brutally conservative ideals. That’s an ENORMOUS task, and if that’s undeserving of the Gold Logie, then we dunno what you lot want from the statue winner. 

For some reason, Kirralie has challenged him to a debate about religious extremism, and is taking it as some kind of ~sign of something darker~ that he hasn’t responded.

Sooo, why does the television host and devout Muslim have to debate the right-wing senate candidate, about Muslim people who are radical extremists?


I mean, she wants to talk *at him* about Sharia Law threatening to come to Australia (it isn’t), and insult what he stands for while simultaneously demanding that he publicly condemn extremists that he has literally nothing to do with.  

Senate Candidate Goes In On Waleed Aly, Calls Gold Logie Win “Ridiculous”

See, Aly has progressive political views, and Kirralie spoken of his disconnect with Quran:

“We are not against any immigration, it is not based on that religious form, we are against ideology. Now, if Waleed Aly was someone who subscribed to the Koran and was preaching verses like: ‘Strike at their necks and put terror into their hearts and cut-off their fingertips,’ we would have a great problem with that. But he is not preaching that, is he? He is not preaching from the Koran.

He actually discredits the Koran, because he does not follow it and does not obey it.”

Which apparently is okay – but if someone preaches or teaches the words of the Quran, the Australian Liberty Alliance won’t bloody stand for it! They want all the ~Very Big And Scary Islam Books~ out of the country, and everyone who’s ever read one must be segregated! Because anyone with a vaguely-developed sense of critical thinking can see that the ALA are ridiculous and their demands laughable.

Senate Candidate Goes In On Waleed Aly, Calls Gold Logie Win “Ridiculous”

Kirralie also says she’s challenged him to a debate before:

“I issued an invitation to Waleed last year to have a debate about these issues and he has ignored it.”

Know why he’s just flat out ignoring ya, Kirralie? Because you can’t seem to even properly analyse why your campaign is non-sensical. 

Your public Facebook page is filled with hateful statements about the Islamic faith, and many of your arguments seem to be based on right-wing infographics from groups like the United Patriots Front – why would a Muslim person agree to debate you be yelled at by you? Debate in its purest sense should be fuelled by the desire to learn, grow, or help people – it shouldn’t be fuelled by hatred or fear. 

So, we wouldn’t hold our breath for Kirralie getting an acceptance call from Waleed. He’s too busy living his life, looking at his shiny new statue, practicing Pink Floyd solos on guitar and choosing not to aggressively tell people their religious choices make them a bad person. Doing the latter says far more about you than anyone else, trust me. 

And now, we conclude with the biggest eye-roll of all – ‘The Liz Lemon’:

Senate Candidate Goes In On Waleed Aly, Calls Gold Logie Win “Ridiculous”

If this article has enraged you, please feel free to calm down by pressing play on the following PEDESTRIAN.TV vid of Waleed Aly getting adorably bashful at the idea of cutting shapes on the Logies red carpet:

Source: Daily Telegraph

Photo: The Project / Facebook