Scott Morrison Absolutely Bodied This Small Child Almost As Badly As He Did The Country

The 30th Prime Minister of Australia, Scott Morrison, has become the 1st Prime Minister to ever tackle a small child during a game of soccer. Someone call this kid’s mum, ASAP.

While campaigning in must-win Tasmanian seats on Wednesday, the leader of the nation looked to assert his dominance on the football pitch. I guess it beats washing people’s hair and welding torching himself in the face

Unfortunately for the other players, nobody taught Scott Morrison that #vision is one of the most important skills when playing the world game.

While attempting to run into space to receive a pass, the PM absolutely bowled over an unassuming little tacker. He’ll be needing a band-aid on that tackle. OUCH!

Fortunately, the kid popped right back up again and continued the game like an absolute champ. Unlike the guy who bumped into him, the kid probably has toughness needed to be successful in politics.

The timing couldn’t be worse for Scott Morrison who has spent the entire week telling Aussies that he’s changed and is no longer a “bulldozer“. Well well well, I guess the proof is in the soccer ball-shaped pudding.

With the federal election being held on Saturday May 21 — Scott “Bulldozer” Morrison will be hoping voters don’t think tackling a small child on the soccer pitch is a disqualifying act on the path to reelection.

At the very least, he deserved a red card.

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