Scott Morrison Did A Little Jig After A Huge Gas Project Was Approved Like Some Cartoon Villain

Scott Morrison does a little jig for fossil fuel project.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison said he “did a bit of a jig” after finding out one of this country’s biggest fossil fuel projects in years has been approved for investment, and could you be more out of touch??

COP26 was just weeks ago, but our dear PM is already back to running our country into the ground by cheering on the growth of yet more fossil fuel projects.

According to The Guardian, Morrison told the Business Council of Australia on Wednesday arvo that he was absolutely “thrilled” about energy giant Woodstock’s decision to approve the $16.2bn Scarborough gas development, which is going to be a fucking disaster for our already suffering planet.

“I did a bit of a jig out of the chamber the other day when minister [Keith] Pitt came up and confirmed to me that had taken place and Richard [Goyder, chairman of Woodside,] had been in contact,” he said, via The Guardian.

Yes, a fucking jig. Like an evil cartoon villain snickering over his pile of coins as the world burns.

“I just could not be more thrilled about that. It is such a shot in the arm for the economy and it will power us into the future, and it is an enormous vote of confidence about what is happening here in Australia,” Scott Morrison said.

A shot in the arm for the economy, and a shot in the heart for the planet.

His comments come after conservatives and climate activists decried the Scarborough gas development as disastrous, with a report by the Conservation Council of Western Australia and the Australia Institute saying it would release 1.6bn tonnes of greenhouse gases across its lifetime, about the same as 15 coal-fired power plants.

“Public outrage at what Woodside has planned – the threats to whales, the marine environment, the WA coastline and the climate – will continue to grow,” Greenpeace Australia Pacific CEO David Ritter said, via The Guardian.

“For so long as the company persists on this course, the corporate name of Woodside will become synonymous with the destruction of everything that Australians hold dear.”

And yet, our prime minister is out here having a little dance. Great. Cool. Everything is fine.