Scott Morrison Introduces Four Week Dole Queue, Insists It’s Not An “IKEA Catalogue”

The following is a series of real life sentences spoken by Social Services Minister Scott Morrison as he introduced legislation into Parliament that will force people under 25 into a one month waiting period before they can access unemployment benefits.

“This document is not an IKEA catalogue to go shopping for benefits. That’s not what it is. What this is is a schedule of benefits and payments that are there to help people in need and who need that help from the Australian taxpayer.”

“We want to send a very clear message that we want you in work when you are job-ready, that you don’t have the option of walking from the school gate to the front door of the Centrelink office.”

Youth unemployment in Australia currently sits at around 14% – the highest rate of young people out of work since 1998.
The suggestion that unemployment benefits are used as a first-choice lifestyle option preferable to finding work is not only grossly misrepresentative, it’s flat-out insulting.
Anyone who’s ever been through the process of accessing Newstart will gladly tell you that.
Photo: Stefan Postles via Getty Images.

via ABC News.