The federal government has announced a bushfire recovery fund in a bid to kickstart the mammoth efforts that’ll inevitably be required to come back from the devastation left by the bushfires.

Scott Morrison held a press conference today, announcing that $2 billion would be contributed to the fund over the following two years.

“I have no doubt they will have a long list of recovery tasks that they will be performing, as we saw in Queensland,” Morrison said. “Rebuilding bridges, roads and other critical infrastructure and we will work hand in glove, as we have in response to previous crises, to ensure the recovery commences and is undertaken in a timely way and getting that support, particularly to small businesses.”

“If further funds are required, further funds will be provided.”

Although this won’t bring back the lives lost, including the near-500 million animals who have perished as a result of the fires, this is a start. Nowhere near enough, but about fucking time.

In the meantime, if you’re wanting to lend a hand but aren’t sure how, here’s 11 ways you can do your bit to help out.

Image: Getty Images: Rohan Thomson / Stringer & Brett Hemmings / Stringer