Rose Byrne Hauled Scott Morrison Over The Coals For His Pisspoor Bushfire Efforts

With Prime Minister Scott Morrison copping a pasting from pillar to post for an historically shitty January, leading to some fairly panic-inducing newspolls for the Liberal Party, there’s no shortage of folks keen to form an orderly line and excise their pound of flesh from the flailing PM. The latest of which is Rose Byrne, who dragged Morrison into the dirt in a recent interview.

In a wide-ranging piece on Byrne and her long-term partner Bobby Cannavale for NY Mag, Byrne’s attentions turned to her homeland and the devastating bushfires that have ravaged the land over the past few months.

Noting that her two kids with Cannavale will “always have a relationship with Australia,” Byrne’s attentions then turned to the bushfires, and the surreal experience of watching on helplessly from half the globe away.

“It’s surreal being away and reading about your home country, and devastating to see it, the people losing their lives and the animals,” Byrne said.

From there, though, Byrne turned the blowtorch onto the PM directly, labelling him “the most tone-deaf fucking [Prime Minister]” she’s ever seen. She then went further, stating clearly that the bushfires were “a climate crisis,” and that Morrison “won’t address it as that,” before closing with the most stinging Mum line of all by declaring “he’s a real piece of work, that one.”

The barest breath short of not being mad, just disappointed. The grandest sting of them all.

Byrne and Cannavale frequently visit Australia with their two young kids, but make their permanent home in Brooklyn.

You can read the full interview with the insanely good-looking couple here.