RFS Volunteer Uses Second ‘Project’ Interview To Once Again Tell Morrison To Shove It

Prime Minister Scott Morrison yesterday defended the Rural Fire Service (RFS) firefighter who cursed him out on national TV, but the volunteer says he refuses to forgive Morrison for his handling of this summer’s bushfire crisis.

Speaking to the media yesterday about RFS volunteer Paul Parker, Morrison said he understood the circumstances which led him to say “get fucked, from Nelligen” in a now-infamous clip.

“I understand Paul was feeling incredibly exhausted, and incredibly drained by those events and he was working his tail off defending his community,” Morrison said.

Referencing Parker’s claim that he was dismissed from the RFS due to his outburstan allegation the RFS itself has denied – Morrison said he was “pleased” to hear he remains welcome in the organisation.

Morrison also said that Parker was frustrated by comments about the bushfire which were “misreported.”

When presented with Morrison’s statement on The Project last night, Parker said his feelings for the Prime Minister had not softened whatsoever.

“They’re just words, aren’t they? He’s probably sat down with one of his advisers all day to write that one down.”

“[I] Don’t regret what I said, never will,” he added.

Parker also denied the RFS’ latest statement on his role within the organisation, sticking with his claim that he’s been banished from volunteering.

“It devastated me… RFS, Paul Parker, no more,” he said.

Parker says he is now keen to establish his own independent firefighting organisation to assist the Nelligen region.

It’s a lot. You can watch Parker’s latest appearance on The Project below.