Because you are never truly you unless you’re being arbitrarily categorised in some way, you’ll be relieved to know that new research from Sydney University has identified the six personality types most common to Australian technology users.

With 93% of Australians owning some sort of mobile device – including you, gentle reader, assuming you’re not reading a printout of this article that your grandkids gave you – the study aimed to identify the specific ways in which we engage with social media. 

The research comes to you courtesy of Sydney Uni’s Dr Jonathon Hutchinson, whose online ethnographic study looked at “consumer use, adoption and personal behaviour in relation to technology” to determine the six personality types. 


Sadly, these are all pretty general, so there’s no ‘Dumb Jerk Who Tweets Incessantly Using The #Auspol Hashtag’ and no ‘Dumb Jerk Who Tags Pictures Of You With Your Head In The Toilet After A Big Night.’

Nonetheless, because you are person on the internet and because you clicked through to this piece of #content, you must have some vague yearning to find out where you fit, a need for some kind of reward to get your serotonin flowing.

Right, we’ve teased you enough, now onto the good stuff. The six types of personality, as determined by the study, are:

The Content Creator, who is constantly creating new shit, be it #sick beats or YouTube videos, and sharing it with the world.

The Sharer, who documents every moment of their lives in a series of Instagram posts and status updates.

The Tinkerer, who is obsessed with the newest tech, always trying to get under the hood to mess around.

The Self-Improver, who lives for #blessed diet and work-out apps and other things that make life more productive. 

The Make-Doer, who doesn’t really give a stuff, and uses old gear until it runs totally into the ground.

The Spectator
, who is happy to #chill and consume other people’s content, and stalk attractive contemporaries on social media.

There, you’ve learned something new today.

Science Uncovers the Six People You Find on Social Media

Old mate Rihanna, whose picture up top may well have been one of the reasons you clicked through to this post, would probably fall into the ‘Sharer’ category, along with the likes of Tay-Sway and Bey.

We can totally see Gwyneth ‘Goop’ Paltrow as a Self-Improver, and Jaden Smith, who has probably dropped three new tracks between the time you started reading and now, would be a Content Creator. 

Arbitrarily assigning categories to celebrities is fun, but which type are you? If you’re really hungering to find out, and skimming the above list didn’t do it for you, Microsoft, who partnered with Sydney Uni for the research, have very helpfully provided a quiz for you.

Go forth and do wonderful things.