School Axes Gifted Program After Founder’s Bizarro Wi-Fi & Vaccines Claim

A gifted and talented program that claims to be used by 30 schools in Victoria has been offering “vaccination exemption” forms to kids and warning them of the “dangers” of Wi-Fi, due to the supposed “sensitive” nature of the gifted kids’ brains.
In a since deleted post on their website, WiseOnes founder Pat Slattery said that gifted kids are more sensitive to food and chemicals and more liable to have negative reactions to vaccines.
Slattery offered to send parents forms for exempting the baby geniuses from vaccines, linking them to autism and saying that it’s illogical for them to be given “neurotoxins” (???) because of their “extra neurological connections” (???).
She spoke to Fairfax via text message (because a phone call over 6 minutes would be dangerous), saying she almost died from “radiation poisoning” and that her husband possibly actually did (no idea what this means, tbh).
She reckons she’s still alive currently because she lives in a caravan with no power and takes anti-radiation herbs. Alright mate.
So clearly she’s a bit of a hippie, which in itself is weird and obnoxious but not altogether that bad – but encouraging people not to vaccinate literally costs lives. 
Claims that Wi-Fi is harmful or that vaccines cause autism have been de-bunked over and over and over again, and could be super quickly dispelled with a cheeky google.
Brandon Park Primary in Melbourne axed the program after a mum alerted the school about their bizarro anti-vax nonsense.
Source: SMH.