Kids Of Incred Chewie Mum Gifted Wookie Masks So She Doesn’t Have To Share

You’re reading this story via a little something called the Internet, which means we don’t need to give you background on American mum / ledge Candace Payne‘s freakin’ hilarious, and now record-breaking, Chewbacca mask show-and-tell.
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Will it ever get old? Short answer: definitely not.
As we now know, the newly-crowned Wookie Queen of Viral Content bought the Chewie mask for herself – not her kids – and was very much concerned they’d try to claim it was their own, which is what kids do because they don’t understand the concept of ‘this is not yours’. 

Sensing a once-in-a-brand’s-lifetime press opportunity, Kohl’s – the department store at which Candace bought the mask – jumped at the chance to gift her kids with matching Chewie merch so they too could get in on their Mum’s mirth.

Not only that, but Kohl’s gave Candace $2,500 dollars in gift cards, as well as 10,000 rewards points in honor of her recent bday. 
Of course they filmed the gifting session and uploaded it to social media with the caption, “Candace didn’t want to share her Chewbacca mask. So we showed up to make sure she didn’t have to!”

Marketing scheme or no, doesn’t it just bring a smile to your Monday dial to imagine the entire Payne family wetting themselves in front of a mirror?

Photo: Kohl’s.