Here’s A Shocker, Pauline Hanson Is Worried That Vaccines Cause Autism

SAFETY NOTE: To avoid serious head injuries, please ensure any and all hard surfaces in your immediate area are adequately padded before reading this article.

To be perfectly honest, the only profoundly shocking thing about this story is that it took us until 2016 for the centre of this Venn Diagram to be reached.
Pauline Hanson, who requires absolutely zero extra introduction at this stage, can now apparently add “anti-vaxxer” to her ever-increasing bow of awful strings.
Hanson spoke to the Daily Mail Australia and revealed her belief that Australia’s vaccination program could be to blame for the rising rates of autism and cancer in this country.
The former One Nation Federal Senator stated that, whilst she herself immunised her own children and they were subsequently absolutely fine, one of her grandchildren is not immunised.

“I have had so many people who have brought it to my attention, that’s why their kids are autistic.”

“We haven’t done the research enough, what is causing these kids to have autism, what is having all the cancer in our community, have we had enough answers into the cancer?”

“I had my kids vaccinated and they haven’t been sick, it’s parents who are making the decisions on what is best for the children, it’s open for debate, I haven’t got a closed mind at all.”

“I made an informed decision … one of my children has decided against it and made their choice, I haven’t discussed it with the other ones (children).”

“The government has drawn a line in the sand, even child care centres have been told they can’t take them unless they have been immunised.”

And, again, at this point it’s prudent to acknowledge the fact that multiple medical studies – including ones by the University of Sydney in 2014, and the Journal of the American Medical Association in 2015 – have both shown there is absolutely zero link between vaccines and autism. Though apparently this means it’s still “open for debate” a-fucking-pparently.

Bizarrely enough, Hanson’s ire then turned to the Government who – as it turns out – simply haven’t been doing enough to protect Australians from diseases, particularly those being brought into the country by (*drum roll*) migrants.

“The government has failed the people in protecting us against diseases and not doing adequate health checks. There were people coming in from 2006 when Tony Abbott was Health Minister and only 37 per cent were actually checked and it was found a lot of them were carrying diseases.”

“It’s hypocritical and the migrants apply who come here, why are they just coming through the country and the government failed to do anything about those mainly from Africa. Even back in 1996 it was brought to my attention that tuberculosis (TB) was very, very high and it was through migrants, these kids in these classrooms had TB.”

Ahhhh, yes. If only there were a convenient, already-standard-practice solution to prevent a wide slice of society from contracting a preventable infectious disease such as TB. To, for lack of a better term, immunise the population.

And as for Pauline’s final word on the matter?

“Everything is financially driven, so don’t shut people down from having their concerns, allay their concerns, let’s have a debate on it instead of being controlled and dictated and over-regulated.”

Look, that’s an entirely fair and reasonable request; and in such cases all fears on the issue can be allayed by visiting the Internet’s most comprehensive, easy-to-understand source on the subject:

You’re welcome, Pauline.
Photo: Bradley Kanaris/Getty Images.
Source: Daily Mail.