Schapelle Corby’s Fam Fucks With Media Outside Their Place Wearing… These

Members of Schapelle Corby‘s welcome home party – and we’re not sure who, for reasons that will become swiftly apparent – donned Halloween masks to taunt media waiting for outside her mum’s house in Loganlea.

Corby touched down on Australia soil in the early hours of Sunday morning, amid a highly orchestrated travel plan to throw off media that included last minute plane switches, body doubles, and decoy transportation.

Media were unsure if Corby was even at her mum’s house, or in fact had taken the other lot of cars to the Sofitel hotel in Brisbane’s CBD.

But to occupy their attention was a steady level of activity, as well-wishers arrived (one carrying a giant bottle of Belvedere vodka and instantly becoming my hero), occupants took pics through the windows, and at least two dudes donned extremely etch masks.

Photo: Glenn Hunt / Getty.

Nobody’s sure who’s behind the masks, but it’s worth noting that when Corby’s brother Michael travelled to Bali to collect his sister earlier this month, he took to wearing an old man mask every time he left the villa.

Regardless, looks like Corby’s finally arrived wherever she was aiming for.

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Photo: Glenn Hunt / Getty.

Correction: an earlier version of this story incorrectly stated that Loganlea was a suburb in Brisbane.