Sam Maiden Denounced Your Hot Takes On ‘Mad Witch’-Gate On ‘The Project’

Samantha Maiden – the “mad witch” at the centre of this miniature political circus – is steering clear of launching hubble bubble, toil and trouble at Immigration Minister Peter Dutton. In fact, she’s apparently taken the whole thing quite well, even taking to The Project to give her piece on the issue. 

The Daily Telegraph journo, who was slandered pretty handily by Dutton in a text accidentally sent to her, claims it just ain’t that big a deal. She says we should all just be focussing our attention elsewhere: like on the welfare of the public servant whose privacy was recently breached, after Dutton’s mate Jamie Briggs sent her photos to colleagues. 

“[Dutton] was rightly or wrongly trying to reassure a friend. Ultimately I don’t think it’s a substantive issue. I think the substantive issue which is absolutely serious is what happened to this public servant, what happened to this woman in this bar in Hong Kong… 

That’s what I think we should be talking about, that’s what I think Jamie Briggs should be asked about, that’s what I think the Prime Minister should be asked about.”

For what it’s worth, Malcolm Turnbull did give the ministers who leaked the photos a stern talking-to, and nailed the core of the issue by saying “publishing the identity of a complainant in a case like this not only infringes their privacy, it serves actively to discourage other women who are concerned about the conduct of a superior from raising a complaint in the future.” 

Prior to her appearance on the show, Maiden also put down a dude who took question to her lackadaisical response.

While she’s got every right to tear strips of Dutton for actions – and boy howdy, have we done that ourselves – she truly-duly does have the right to make of it whatever-the-hell she will, mistexts and all.

Story: The Project.
Photo: Twitter.