Fictional Jessica Jones Tweets Samantha Maiden Some #MadFuckingWitch Love

Ex-superhero, Netflix star, and all-round not a real person Jessica Jones has weighed in on the Samantha Maiden / Peter Dutton drama, tweeting her support of the Daily Tele political editor for being called a “mad fucking witch” by the accident-prone Immigration Minister. 

ICMYI, last night Dutton accidentally sent a text calling Maiden a “mad fucking witch” TO Maiden herself, because he is both a social and political liability.

The public wasted absolutely zero time sledging Dutton for his mishap, and Maiden responded in a jovial sort of manner: updating her Twitter bio, retweeting Bewitched jokes, and laughing the whole thing off to ABC Radio this morning. (Whether it deserves to be laughed off or if it a red flag into the highest echelons of government holding derogatory attitudes towards women is another matter.)

She also retweeted Jessica Jones, so we can only assume she’s thrilled with the superhero stamp of approval. 

Given the current social media climate of corporate accounts so beige they need to be approved thrice before posting a shitty meme for people with a profile pic of their kids to like, fucking kudos to whoever’s behind Jessica Jones’ one.