This Footage Proves Saltwater Crocs Can Swim Faster Than I Usually Run In My Nightmares

Did you know saltwater crocs have the strongest bite of any animal? You did? Cool. Now combine that knowledge with the fact they can literally out-swim a small boat. Cool cool cool.

In footage recorded by Far North Queensland fisherman Robert Dunn, a 4.5 metre salty can be seen shimmying through the water just like a dolphin, only with bigger jaws and, uhhh, more scales.

Dunn spotted the real-life leviathan while tending to his crab pots in the Bloomfield River, just north of Cairns – a.k.a. the heart of Croc Country™.

For anyone caught at the wrong end of this croc’s bad temper, this footage proves you’d be completely and utterly fucked.

“He was gaffing it for that deep water,” Dunn told the Cairns Post, using the technical terminology for when someone is shocked shitless by an enormous yet zippy croc.

“He was sizing me up and I thought he was going to go for the tinny, but lucky he didn’t.”

For an animal we’re used to seeing sun baking, still a statue, by the river bank, watching it literally porpoise in and out of the water like that is truly the stuff of extremely Aussie nightmares.

Saltwater crocs can actually swim up to 29 km/h, but only in short bursts. So while this footage does capture a rare and terrifying moment, this croc doesn’t seem to have broken any speed records just yet.