Salim Mehajer Agrees To AVO Terms, Won’t Go Within 50m Of Wife Aysha

Following on from Salim Mehajer‘s creepy-as-hell comments yesterday that only “death would part” him and his wife Aysha, he’s now agreed to stay at least 50 meters away from her home and workplace in accordance with an AVO taken out by NSW Police.

He didn’t appear in Sydney’s Dowling Centre local court today, but his lawyer Matt Ward said his client would be challenging orders to not approach or contact his wife – who was listed on the application under her maiden name Learmonth.

According to a police source, who spoke to The Daily Telegraph, Learmonth told police that Mehajer kept “popping up wherever she is” and she feared he could become violent.

Police are reportedly investigating a domestic violence incidence, and have until July 27 to provide a statement about the incident to police; Mehajer has until August 10. The AVO will remain in place for the full five weeks until the matter returns to court on August 17.

As several media outlets are reporting, this AVO means Mehajer and Learmonth won’t be together for their first wedding anniversary. Um, good. That’s really the ideal situation here.

Source: Daily Mail / Daily Telegraph.
Photo: Source.