Rye Hunt’s Family Prepare To Have His Ashes Returned Home To Tassie

Brazilian authorities have given the go-ahead for the body of backpacker Rye Hunt to be cremated and for his ashes to be returned to Australia.

Hunt went missing on May 21st after having an argument with a friend he was travelling with, reportedly while they were both on hallucinogen NBOMe.
He was missing for over 2 weeks until a body that washed ashore on a beach in Maricá, Rio de Janeiro was confirmed to be his.
His uncle had been searching for him in Rio for the previous 2 weeks and lodged an application to have the remains cremated and returned home.
His body has been taken to a local funeral home while his uncle and girlfriend make preparations for the ashes to be brought home.
Hunt’s sister says he will be dearly missed:
“We are understandably heartbroken, Rye was the youngest member of our family and was known for being loyal, loving, generous, cheeky, and as a brother, totally infuriating! Thinking about life without him is unfathomable. He will be very missed by us all.”

His ashes will be spread in Tasmania according to his wishes.
Photo: Facebook.
Source: News.com.au.