Eyewitness To The Shooting Of Lady Gaga’s Dog Walker Recalls Scary Aftermath Of Armed Robbery

Ryan Fischer, Lady Gaga

An eyewitness to the shooting of Lady Gaga‘s dog walker Ryan Fischer has recalled the terrifying aftermath of the armed robbery in which he lay bleeding on the pavement as two of the singer’s beloved French bulldogs were stolen.

Los Angeles resident Carlos Pantoja told People that he heard screaming on the street, and looked out the window to see Ryan Fischer, who had been shot in the chest. The 29-year-old said that he then rushed to lend a hand, and was one of the first on the scene:

“I was on the left side, I was on the bottom of his waist and I was rubbing his leg and making sure there was some contact with him. We wanted to make sure he was still alive and still able to speak by the time the ambulance arrived.”

He continued:

 “I didn’t think twice, I was just trying to make sure he’s okay. At that time we see him fading out and I’m like, ‘Hey, wake up.’ I’m here touching his leg and trying to find a wallet or something to contact the family. We were making sure Ryan was okay.”

Even after being shot, Fischer was reportedly focused on the dogs. Pantoja explained that, as the dog-walker lay “bleeding out”, he was telling police “please, please help, these are Gaga’s dogs, please help them, please save them.”

Though Ryan Fischer was critically wounded, his family released a statement saying that he is receiving “extraordinary care” in hospital and is expected to make a full recovery. Lady Gaga herself has released a statement praising him as a hero.

Gaga’s two stolen French bulldogs were turned into police yesterday, with a woman claiming that she found them in an alley tied to a pole, and recognised them from reports in the media. The singer has said she will “gladly” pay the woman the $US 500,000 reward for their return.

The search for the two suspects continues.