It turns out there actually are worse things than finding a six-legged bastard cooked into your dinner – like allegedly having an event publicist leak details of the insectoid intruder to the press, when you’re actually cool keeping the awkward situation on the down-low. 

Just after the story the world became aware that Aussie gun Ruby Rose and partner Jess Origliasso were greeted with a cockroach in a dish served up at chef Neil Perry’s swish restaurant Spice Temple, Rose herself asked how exactly the story got out.

The yarn was subsequently picked up by The Daily Mail, and their take on it was retweeted by v. prominent Sydney publicist Max Markson. Markson had been hired by the company behind the dinner event, and Rose questioned whether he had anything to do with the story escaping the confines of Spice Temple.

Following that, the Sydney Morning Herald also commented on the issue, attributing Markson as Rose’s publicity contact. Rose took it upon herself to clear that up, too – and very publicly voiced her support for Perry after the bug incident. 

Takeaways from this one: Rose handled this one like a goddamn adult, and if she subjected herself to dins at Rosetta – one of Perry’s other joints – she musn’t be too shaken by the ordeal. But potentially having the story leaked and beaten into the ground in the name of crude publicity? Nah mate, crack out the Mortein.

Source: Sydney Morning Herald.
Photo: Greg DeGuire / Getty.