CONTENT WARNING: The following contains mention of sexual violence. If you feel distressed by this story, or if you or someone you know has been affected by sexual or domestic violence, you can speak to a friendly counsellor at 1800RESPECT on 1800 737 732. 

Disgraced Aussie entertainer Rolf Harris is reportedly in the middle of crafting a not-at-all-ok “revenge album” from his prison cell in the UK‘s Stafford Prison, as he serves out the remainder of his sentence for indecently assaulting four girls, one as young as seven, between 1968 and 1986.

Brit newspaper The Sun claims the 85-year-old has told friends and family he intends to release the comeback album Justice For All’ as a big, fat F-YOU to his victims, and has “rockier influences than the music he’s known for, because he wants to get across his anger at what he sees as injustice.”

Rolf Harris Is Writing A “Revenge Album” From Jail & The Lyrics Are Not OK

It gets worse: one of the tracks is apparently called ‘Can’t Keep That Dingo Down’, while another is ‘A Bird In the Hand (Is Worth Two in the Bush)’.

Normally we wouldn’t place a great deal of weight on reports from The Sun, but Harris *was* slammed for penning a song with similar disturbo vibez just last year, called Woodworm Women’.

The lyrics describe his victims as “wenches” who were “joining the feeding frenzy” against him by coming forward with a money-grabbing agenda, and getting their “hooks into his dough.”

Here’s a bit more:

“Climb up out of the woodwork babe

From forty years ago,

The climate’s great in Britain now,

For making lots of dough

You’ve festered down there long enough 

Time’s right to grab your chance

Clap eyes on a rich celebrity

And make the bastard dance” 

Brb, going to vomit up the contents of our stomachs.

Rolf Harris Is Writing A “Revenge Album” From Jail & The Lyrics Are Not OK

The lawyer acting for Harris’ victims, Liz Dux, at the time called for his chance of parole to be revoked because “here is someone behaving as he was before, with disdain and an attitude that he can behave how he wants.”

Harris was sentenced to five years in July 2014 but could be released as early as May this year under the UK’s laws.

*gets cell key*

*throws it into Thames*

Source: The Sun.

Photo: Getty / Justin Tallis.