Richard Pusey Sentenced To Just 10 Months For Filming Dying Cops But Could Be Out Within Days

Melbourne man Richard Pusey has been sentenced to 10 months’ jail for filming police officers who died in a car crash after he had been pulled over in his Porsche.

However, The Age reports his sentence might be over in a week or so because he’s already been in custody for 296 days, which his lawyers argue has basically fulfilled the length of the sentence.

While he is technically supposed to remain in custody on other matters, his legal team are set to make an urgent bail application which could very well see him walk free.

Pusey pled guilty to outraging public decency after he filmed the aftermath of the crash, in which four police officers died. Pusey himself was out of harm’s way because he was off pissing by the roadside.

“There you go,” the 42-year-old mortgage broker said while filming the body of one of the officers.

“That is fucking justice. Absolutely amazing, that is fucking amazing.”

Then, while filming the truck which caused the car crash: “Look at that, man, you fucking cunts. You cunts, I guess I’ll be getting a fucking Uber home, huh.”

After the accident came to light, Pusey’s family – who he’d already been estranged from for a while – released a statement completely disowning him and his actions.

“It was an unimaginable and horrific accident that has left us all with many questions and as yet few answers,” a relative said exactly 12 months and one day ago.

“We are disgusted, as you can imagine, and he doesn’t reflect any other member of the family at all in his behaviour.”

Pusey appeared in court via video link. The families of the four dead officers, however, appeared in person in court.

The fatigued and drug-affected truck driver who caused the accident, Mohinder Singh, was already sentenced to 22 years in prison earlier in April. Hours before the crash, Singh raised concerns with his supervisor that he shouldn’t be driving.

More to come.