Richard Di Natale Backs Call For Greens MP Jeremy Buckingham To Step Down

Greens leader Richard Di Natale has added his voice to calls asking Greens MP Jeremy Buckingham not to re-contest the next election amidst resurfaced allegations of sexual misconduct.

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Earlier today, Federal Greens senator Mehreen Faruqi and NSW MLA Jenny Leong released a joint statement asking Buckingham to step down:

The culture of sexism, sexual harassment and unwanted sexual advances in society in general and in politics in particular must change. Survivors must be listened to and believed. No more excuses. No more delay.

It is vital that members of the community have confidence that our elected representatives stand up for, and embody, these principles.

Today we are calling on Greens MP Jeremy Buckingham MLC to step aside and not contest the next election. This is in the best interests of the complainant, members, supporters and volunteers.

We are both very proud of our collective progressive movement – the Greens and its wonderful members and supporters. But at the moment, both this project and the people who are part of it are suffering.

An earlier internal Greens investigation found there was insufficient evidence to substantiate the allegations against Buckingham, and as a result no action was taken. However, the investigation also did not find that the complaint was false or vexatious, or that it had been done for political reasons.

In a statement this afternoon, Di Natale said that the matter was one to be dealt with by the NSW Greens but he believed it would be best if he stood down:

This is ultimately a matter for the Greens NSW, but in light of the serious issues raised in NSW MP Jenny Leong’s statement today, I believe the most appropriate course of action is for Jeremy Buckingham to stand aside as a candidate for the next election. I have communicated that to Jeremy today on behalf of the federal party room.

Buckingham released a statement today, stating the investigation found him to be guilty of no wrongdoing.