And Here’s NSW MP Jeremy Buckingham Chundering After Cradling A Rotten Fish

Independent NSW MP Jeremy Buckingham has released a video of himself puking his absolute guts out after handing a very large dead fish, in an apparent attempt to draw attention to the toxic algal bloom which has killed staggering numbers of fish in the Murray Darling basin in recent days.

[jwplayer QOfbty7N]

The former Greens representative shared a video of himself standing alongside Menindee locals Rob McBride and Dick Arnold, whose emotional pleas for help over the issue went viral earlier this week.

“This magnificent animal must be generations old and now it’s dead and rotting here, and it absolutely stinks,” Buckingham said, visibly wincing while holding the decomposing fish.

Buckingham blamed the blue green algae bloom, which suffocated huge quantities of aquatic life in the region, on mismanagement of the river system by the National Party and the reckless use of water by industrial irrigators.

He then ducked off camera to have a spew.

“I feel sorry for Jeremy, I tell ya,” Arnold said over Buckingham’s audible retching.

“Poor bastard. Hope he survives.”

It’s not the first attention-grabbing stunt produced by Buckingham in recent weeks. In December, Buckingham announced his resignation from the Greens by theatrically ripping up a small poster bearing the party’s logo. 

Buckingham, who has long branded himself as a strong environmental advocate, left the party after facing allegations of sexual misconduct by a former Greens staffer.

A report on the Greens’ internal investigation found there was not “sufficient evidence that a reasonable person could conclude, on the balance of probabilities, that an incident/incidents of sexual harassment as defined by the legislation has occurred.”

Despite Buckingham saying the investigation cleared him of wrongdoing, the Greens released a statement adding the complaint was never found to be “false or vexatious.” Federal Greens senator Mehreen Faruqi called for him to step down “in the best interests of the complainant, members, supporters and volunteers.” That stance was eventually backed by Greens leader Richard Di Natale.

As for the toxic blue green algaeFederal Department of Environment and Energy denies mismanagement of water supplies is to blame, saying drought conditions in the region sparked the issue.

That take was opposed by McBride and Arnold in their first viral video, which you can catch below: