Rebel Wilson Says Those Woman’s Day Articles Got Her Sacked From Two Films

Details from Rebel Wilson‘s defamation case against Bauer Media are starting to filter out as the Supreme Court of Victoria proceeds in this week. 
According to courtroom reports, Wilson is saying that she was fired from at least two movies and has been unable to find work since Bauer’s campaign of eight articles was published back in 2015
Her lawyer, Matthew Collins QC, told the all-female jury that the Bauer articles, published in Woman’s Day, were timed to interfere with Wilson’s career right when she was becoming a bona fide star – during the release of Pitch Perfect 2
Apparently the movie is so important to the case that bits of it have been shown in the courtroom:

The trial’s expected to run for three weeks. Tear ’em to shreds, Rebel. 

Source: 7NEWS / Twitter.
Image: Twitter / @Sandra_Sully