Rapture Nightclub Owner Doubles Down On Fucked Comments About Drink Spiking Incident

The owner of Rapture nightclub in Perth has doubled down on his douchelord attitude toward drink spiking, making comments to The West Australian about Shantel Smith, the 19-year-old who reported a drink spiking incident in his premises.

Neil Scott, owner of Rapture, came under fire over the weekend for his dismissive attitude toward Shantel’s claims she had her drink spiked at the club.

But it seems Neil hasn’t learned shit from the backlash, since he reiterated his comments to The West Australian – particularly the part where he questions why anyone would spike Shantel’s drink.

“She’s not a particularly attractive girl. It’s just implausible to imagine that she had her drink spiked, it just doesn’t sort of add up. She’s just a very plain Jane type of girl. I can’t understand why anybody would be possessed by her.”

He’s also taken his fucked up comments onto Facebook, posting CCTV footage with the caption “The large girl with the white top, the short black skirt and the black and white shoes is Shantel Smith, the girl who claimed to have had her drink spiked.”

Shantel spoke to Nine News after her Instagram post went viral, explaining that she woke up “in a toilet stall. There was vomit everywhere and I was foaming at the mouth.”

She also slammed Rapture again, saying “I just couldn’t believe I was being blamed for something that happened to me without my knowledge.”