Perth Nightclub Asks Punter If She’s “Worth” Being Drugged After She Reports Drink Spike

rapture nightclub

A nightclub in Perth is facing intense online backlash after allegedly victim-blaming and not taking a report of drink-spiking seriously over Facebook messenger.

Rapture Nightclub in Western Australia has been called out on social media after screenshots of an anonymous patron reporting a drink-spiking were shared online.

The screenshots, shared all over Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, allegedly shows the manager of the Rapture Nightclub Facebook page doubting a punter who claims she was spiked while at the venue.

rapture nightclub

The screenshot, which allegedly shows a response from the Rapture Nightclub Facebook page, asks the punter a number of questions including:

What proof do you have of your drink being spiked?

Why would anyone want to spike your drink?

Did you attend a hospital and have your stomach pumped for evidence?

Is this something you and your friends experience regularly?

Would you like a crowd controller to hold you drink for you next time you attend a nightclub?

Do you think ten crowd controllers would be able to stop you having your drink spiked?

Are you worth someone trying to spike your drink?

All of the questions are pretty ridiculous and cast doubt and blame on the alleged victim, but the real kicker is the question of whether she’s worth being drugged. What kind of question is that?

The alleged message then goes on to explain how the nightclub believes that nobody would “be stupid enough to waste their drugs” spiking someone’s drink.

Date-rape drugs such as GHB and rohypnol are used to spike drinks with the intent of causing harm to another person, usually for the purpose of sexual assault.

There are products on the market designed to help you test your drink for the date-rape drug in an effort to reduce harm for punters. But the real solution here is just… not spiking other peoples drinks, and supporting people who claim they’ve been spiked.

The alleged original messages from the unnamed punter seem polite and reasonable, with the victim simply alerting the venue of the security risk. The screenshots have since caused a stir online, with many social media users believing the  response to be unfair and unsatisfactory for a licensed venue.

rapture nightclub

Since the screenshots surfaced on Sunday morning, women (and men) from all around Australia have shared their disgust on social media, with the club’s Facebook rating dropping to a measly 1.1 stars out of 996 reviews.

Even Alisha Aitken-Radburn from The Bachelor/Bachie In Paradise has shared the post on social media to share the message that drink spiking happens, and we need to support and protect the victims, rather than doubt them.

It is important that licensed venues support and believe alleged victims of drink-spiking, especially when there is little reason to lie about such a serious incident. If you’ve ever been spiked on a night out, you’re usually barely able to walk, let alone think about trying to get “evidence” to prove you’ve been drugged. Victims of these sorts of horrific incidents should be able to feel safe and comfortable reporting it to the venue, and nightclubs should be using this information to make their venues safer for everyone.

Take care of your mates and, more importantly, don’t drug people. Don’t be that guy.

The club is yet to publicly respond to the allegation, but we’ll update you as soon as they make comment.