Rapture Nightclub Owner Posts Then Deletes Apology On FB, Continues To Refute Spiking Claims

rapture nightclub owner apology
Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

Yesterday, Rapture nightclub owner Neil Scott doubled down on his problematic response to punter Shantel Smith‘s claim that she had her drink spiked at his premises, claiming that she was “not a particularly attractive girl”, as if this provided a valid excuse to substantiate his doubts.

Well, today, Scott posted – and subsequently deleted – an apology on the Rapture nightclub Facebook page.

The apology appears to start by defending the club, before reconfirming his disbelief about the claims: “I went and looked at the security video and found the girl had been in the club for almost three hours. The video showed the girl leaving the club in jovial spirits and she stayed in front of the club showing no signs of drink spiking or sickness.”

Many Facebook users quickly pointed out that Scott was attempting to refute Smith’s claims once again.

Scott continues: “This was not a letter about drink spiking, it was a take down of the nightclub we have worked so hard to make the best we could… I got upset and sent a terse reply, calling her out in a sarcastic and demeaning way, which I regret. It was beneath my dignity.”

“I am sorry. I should have swallowed my disbelief and not let emotion rule my head.”

“The nightclub has a good reputation for great music and lighting, excellent service, cleanliness and great staff. It employs 15 to 20 people and I made a mistake. Sorry.”

Check out the full apology below, which seems like more of a Rapture redemption post rather than sincere concern about Smith and her safety.

The post was removed a couple of hours later after being overrun by punters poking holes in the apology.