We Ranked Aussie Politician TikTok Accounts From Bad To Shithouse So You Don’t Have To


The 2022 federal election has become the first in Australia’s history where candidates have made use of TikTok to engage with voters. However, as Spiderman’s Uncle Ben said, “with great power comes great responsibility” and my god some of Australia’s politicians have fumbled that responsibility.

We’ve split the list into 3 categories: “Wholesome & informative”, “chaotic but good” and “cursed & cringe”.  It’s truly a hell-scape out there. As we work through the categories, we’ll also countdown towards the most cursed account. Simples!

Strap in folks because his list truly has everything. The good, the bad and the ugly. The wholesome, the cursed and the cringe.

Wholesome & Informative

This category serves as a bit of a “how-to guide” for aspirational political TikTokers wanting to reach the widest possible demographic. These TikToks are primarily educational but balance things out with a tinge of humour.

11. Tanya Plibersek – Australian Labor Party

No spice here, only #knowledge. Plibersek is the shadow education minister in the Labor Party and has a reputation for being a cool, calm and collected operator. Her TikToks very much reflect this, showcasing her ability to chat to the camera and update Aussies on what’s going on in politics. Using social media to actually engage with voters? Shock horror.


Week four campaign wrap up. Early voting starts tomorrow! #ausvotes #tafe #australia #labor #votelabor

♬ About Damn Time – Lizzo


10. Julian Hill – Australian Labor Party

Julian Hill is the undeniable OG of auspol TikTok with 147k followers and 2.2 mil total likes. Mamma Mia!

Hill’s style is super direct, opting for chat-to-camera updates on parliament cookery. His most-watched upload has 1.4 mil views and shows him absolutely wiping the floor with PM Scott Morrison in a speech. Over Christmas he delved into some cheeky festive comedy which was a welcome break from tradition.


Scott Morrison is a liar. 🤥 #auspol #fyp #liar

♬ original sound – JulianHillMP


BREAKING: Scott Morrison is now trying to shut down democracy by cancelling Parliament. #auspol #fyp #foryoupage

♬ original sound – JulianHillMP


A very special Christmas story, inspired by Scott Morrison (PART 1) #auspol #fyp #christmas

♬ original sound – JulianHillMP

9. Adam Bandt – The Australian Greens

Here’s where the lines start blurring between informative and chaotic. Bandt often does chat-to-camera updates but doesn’t pass up the opportunity to get in on the latest filter (looking at you, Shrek).



A very serious question. #fyp #auspol #auspolitics

♬ original sound – Australian Greens


Chaotic But Good 

This category showcases the pollies using unconventional methods to reach voters. These include comedic sketches, meme-ing the fuck outta parliament and chaotic antics in their electorates. This section is where things get a little more peri-peri.

8. Jordan Steele-John – The Australian Greens

Steele-John is a senator for WA and routinely brings a smile to dials on TikTok.

Highlights from his account include his advocacy for Aussies with a disability and his cheeky antics around parliament. Examples include shredding a photo of Scott Morrison’s face and turning off Sky News in the parliamentary cafe. We love to see it.


Cleaning out my home office #bleesed🙏🙏 #disabled #auspol #foryou

♬ Jiggle Jiggle – Duke & Jones & Louis Theroux


Bye Canberra, see you next time 👋 #fyp #disabilitytiktok #auspol #foryoupage

♬ Say It Right – Nelly Furtado


Our Greens plan to Fix the NDIS! Everyone you see in this video is either a proud disabled person and advocate or passionate Green and ally. It is an absolute pleasure and privilege to have such incredible humans delivering our plan. 💚 #disabledandproud #disabiltytiktok #auspol

♬ original sound – Jordon

7. Monique Ryan – Teal Independent

Monique Ryan is the teal independent (read our explainer on those here) facing off against treasurer Josh Frydenberg in the Victorian seat of Kooyong. Wisely, she has given over the reigns of her account to her Gen Z volunteers who have embraced every TikTok sound known to human-kind.




Can’t escape it 🙄😨 #youth4mon #election2022 #auspol #fyp #kooyong #foryoupage #mon4kooyong

♬ Josh – Peach PRC

6. Jaquie Lambie – Jaquie Lambie Network

The Tassie senator who’s never afraid to speak her mind has a beautifully chaotic TikTok account.

It’s truly a sight to behold. Highlights include a Kath & Kim sound, a lip-sync of her own iconic speech and an Easter surprise featuring … the Easter bunny. We have no more words, you simply must watch.




5. Bob Katter – Katter’s Australian Party

This man needs no introduction. We’m so glad he has transferred his talents (??) over to TikTok.

His account is truly a gift. Highlights include Katter singing ‘Rasputin’, rowing on a rowing machine, a borked campaign ad and a walk through parliament set to the tune of Star Wars’ ‘Imperial March’. Incredible.


#bobkatter #bobtok #rasputin #singing #staffdinner #funwithbob #katteroke

♬ original sound – Bob Katter


#hiitworkout #mareeba #bobkatter #bobtok #northqueensland #northqld #workout #rowmachine #rowingmachine #silverfox #gunshow #gunshow💪

♬ The Boat Beat – Ricky Desktop


#KAP #BobKatter #auspol #katter #boxing #bananas #farming #fyp #foryoupage #industry #aussiethings #aussielife #aussiesdoingthings #aussietok #bobby #auspolitics #scomo #albo #queensland #qld #straya

♬ original sound – Bob Katter

Cringe & Cursed

We’ve made it. The top of Mount Cringe. These are the auspol TikTok accounts which were a physical effort to watch. We suffered through them so you do too. All aboard the pain train. Choo fkn choo.

4. Josh Frydenberg – The Coalition

Frydenberg answers the age-old question, “what if your alarm clock’s snooze button was a person?”.

He currently holds the seat of Kooyong which has been a safe lib seat since federation. However, due to his slackness on climate change, he’s facing a tough challenge from teal independent and #7 on this list, Monique Ryan.

Highlights of Frydenberg’s TikTok presence include a baffling interaction with AFL star Bailey Smith, dunking one of the local school teachers and a panic reel from his debate against Ryan where he lists off Kooyong businesses that he (apparently) single-handedly saved with JobKeeper.


My TikTok debut – who better to do it with than the TikTok fan favourite, Bazlenka! Believe it or not, I once had a head of hair a little like Bailey’s many years ago! #bazlenka #auspol #westernbulldogs #afl #kooyong

♬ original sound – JoshFrydenberg


Terrific to join the Xavier College family at the Maytime Fair. Plenty of good stalls ahead of Mother’s Day. But a particular highlight was dunking one of the teachers.

♬ original sound – JoshFrydenberg



When you and @JoshFrydenbergMP make eye contact x #fyp #fypage #melbourne #australia #aussie #josh #politics #trendsetter #vic

♬ Originalton – thefunmaster3000

3. Dave Sharma – The Coalition

Dave Sharma has about as much rhythm as a burnt piece of toast. Not much more needs to be said.



2. Pauline Hanson – Pauline Hanson’s One Nation

Pauline only has 1 upload on her TikTok account but it’s enough to piss us off.

Her sheer presence on the platform is cursed and there’s no spell to undo it. We’re sorry you had to watch this but that’s what representative democracy is all about. Get it over quickly, like a band-aid. A conservative band-aid that doesn’t like immigrants.


The truth about @onenationoz’s How-To-Vote recommendations. #ausvotes2022 #ausvotes #paulinehanson #auspol

♬ original sound – Senator Pauline Hanson

1. Scott Morrison – The Coalition.

Scott Morrison has run the highest taxing government of the last 30 years but more importantly, he has also run the most cursed TikTok account of the last 30 years.

Scott Morrison is the embodiment of “the ick” and his TikTok doesn’t fall far from the tree. Highlights include the only selfie video featuring a dog I’ve ever not wanted to watch, an attempt at speaking Chinese and a chat with the girls from the hairdresser where he infamously washed that person’s hair (eweweewewww).




List done. Now let’s all go and fkn vote.