RAINBOWS SCHMAINBOWS: QLD’s Summery Storms Give Birth To All-White Fogbows

While summery storms across Queensland last week drenched rugby players and doggos alike, they also produced something a lot rarer than a wet dog: a series of fogbows across the state.
Fogbows are like white rainbows; they’re produced by the same process of reflection and refraction as their colourful cousins, but formed by water droplets in fog, mist or cloud rather than by raindrops. The water droplets in fog are so much smaller than raindrops that the colours blur together to make a white rainbow. 
And yeah when we read about it, we thought ‘Sounds neat’ and went back to our lunch, until on further inspection we discovered how pretty they are, as snapped by keen fogbow-hunters across Queensland, from Hervey Bay to Fernvale to Mudtapilly to Mackay

The weather in Queensland is due to get a fair bit colder later this week though, dropping below 10°C in Brissy, and to just 2°C in Ipswich and the practically polar -3°C in Stanthorpe on Friday. The Bureau of Meteorology shared the bad news on the bad website in appropriate blessed-‘GoT‘-day fashion. 

Source: Nine News.
Photo: Charis Constantine / Twitter.