QLD Police Warn Of Circulating Drug “Death”, Which, Unsurprisingly, Can Kill You

Queensland police have issued a public warning today, encouraging caution to be erred in regards to PMMA, a drug related to PMA and often incorrectly sold or pressed misleadingly to represent MDMA, as PMMA pills known as “death” may be in circulation in Australia. In a statement, Detective Superintendent Jon Wacker said:

“Both PMA and PMMA have considerable potential to cause serious harm or even death. Our concern is that multiple overseas deaths have been attributed to the drug PMMA, in particular a pink/light red “Superman” symbol tablet (as above), found to contain deadly amounts of PMMA. We believe there is a possibility this particular tablet form may be circulating in Australia, however this has not been confirmed at this point”

The Australian Drug Foundation lists the effects of PMMA as relatively similar to those of MDMA, but warns that effects generally take longer to kick in, often resulting in users taking more than they initially intended. Combined with MDMA or taken in high doses, PMMA can cause kidney failure, vomiting, convulsions, coma or—as advertised—death.

Maybe steer clear of things you can’t pronounce, to play it safe: PMMA is an abbreviation of Paramethoxymethamphetamine.

Via QPS.