Chih-Han Hsu‘s Place & Displacement is a photographic documentation of tortured detritus, decay, plumes of shit coloured dust, mangled machinery and nothing. It’s what I imagined when I read The Road. Greener maybe, but still imbued with that same spirit. Palpable loss, creeping dread – it pervades everything. But this isn’t some post-apocalyptic movie set, this is modern day Grantham just east of Toowoomba, the Lockyer Valley town that bore the brunt of the Queensland floods. And this is a reminder that those in rural Queensland still need our help. Testament that they still rest heavy, still struggle, still prey before they sleep.

With Place & Displacement Chih-Han Hsu hopes to generate more post-flood awareness for rural Queensland, with all profits from the book going toward the Premier’s Disaster Relief Appeal.

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