‘Q&A’ Closed Out 2018 With A Fucking Embarrassing ‘Book Of Mormon’ Parody

While Q&A certainly has more than its fair share of problems as a TV show, it definitely doesn’t need to add to them by engaging brutally milquetoast parody comedy as a weak means of heralding a seasonal break.

And yet, here we bloody hell are.

[jwplayer biRmy4fP]

Last night’s 2018 finale of the ABC‘s weekly Auspol shout-fest had a range of luminaries on the panel, from politicians Tanya PlibersekRichard Di Natale, and Scott Ryan, to lawyer and advocate Nyadol Nyuon.

But instead of Tony Jones throwing a half-smirk to camera and saying “see you in 2019,” the show made an abrupt about face with a deeply, deeply awful appearance by self-styled “Sydney institution” the Wharf Revue, who produced a truly baffling Mathias Cormann-fuelled parody of the opening number from The Book of Mormon.

Smartly, and perhaps mercifully, the ABC did not upload the isolated clip of the performance to social media. The internet, however, isn’t too willing to let them forget about it any time soon (Though the whole thing is up on iView right now as well if you feel like torturing yourself in HD).

Good god what the fuck was that.

For those not particularly well-versed in the enclavic doings of inner-eastern Sydney private school alums aged 50+, the Wharf Revue is the Sydney Theatre Company‘s revue troop, performing regularly at exclusive theatres in the Rocks area of Sydney where an hour of parking is higher than the minimum wage.

Is there extra context for this? Probably. Do I care to know it? Absolutely not.

There’s absolutely a place for half-baked political satire that only ex-law students enjoy. But it’s definitely not on Q&A, and definitely not on the ABC in the same year that they cancelled Tonightly.

Ahh well. Merry Christmas, I guess.