WATCH: Lads Take HSPs To Sexy New Level With 100% Halal ‘Milkshake’ Parody

I was 13 when ‘Milkshake‘ came out and distinctly remember feeling a bunch of wildly new and confusing feelings about this seemingly innocuous song about milky dessert drinks. Cut to 13 years later and I’m actually still not 100% sure what it’s about, but it’s probably sex, right? It’s sex.
Halal snack packs are not particularly sexy (unless you’ve got some weird food kink thing and then, well, you do you), but they do apparently loosely fit into the rhyme structure of Kelis‘ mysterious, deeply sexual 2003 hit.
The HSP is an amazing food for a few different reasons, namely: kebab meat, chips and the fact that right-wing dickbats are convinced that buying Halal food funds terrorism (note: a commission into this in Australia found it was categorically not the case) and as a result buying Halal is a pretty good way to give a gentle “Fuck you!” to racists.
Luckily for you, The Slendy Show, who rep the bizarre combination of comedy and EDM, have mixed together musical sex vibes and HSPs (your two favourite things) into one extremely awkward kebab shop musical number.
Does a HSP bring all the lads to the yard? According to this highly informative video evidence, yes it does:
Shout out to the staff at the kebab joint who understandably were probably baffled by the youth and the things they’re into doing in kebab joints.
Source and photo: YouTube.