A Public Health Officer Mentioned Sweaty Men Touching (Foot)Balls & Yes Our Minds Went There

sweaty men football

A video of a public health officer from South Australia is doing the rounds on Twitter after she said “sweaty men” and “ball” in the same sentence.

Chief public health officer Nicola Spurrier told footy fans in a press conference to sanitise their hands after catching any footballs at Saturday’s controversial Crows/Collingwood game, because they are touched by “many sweaty men.”

“Regardless of Covid, this ball has been touched by many sweaty men on the field. Sanitise your hands before you start eating your chips,” she said in the video, while a man (understandably) lost his shit in the background. (Not literally).

Obviously, all we heard was “very sweaty men” and “ball” in reference to footy players, so this is basically the editorial team right now:

The comments came after Spurrier told footy fans earlier this week to avoid catching the ball at Saturday’s game and to duck if it comes their way.

“If you are at Adelaide Oval and the ball comes towards you, my advice to you is to duck and do not touch that ball,” she said.

Obviously, footy fans freaked out at the thought of being told *not* to touch the ball if it comes their way, and Spurrier had to have another presser to clarify that she didn’t think anyone would catch COVID-19 from touching a ball. Especially a very sweaty ball. Touched by very sweaty men.

Spurrier was in the middle of recanting her earlier comments and reassuring fans that she didn’t think the footy players or staff were infectious when she made the cheeky little comment about sweaty men.

The video, which now has over 50,000 views on Twitter, was initially posted by 7News sports journo Mark Stevens who called it just “another day in SA”, before being reposted by the official 7News AFL account.