Protesters Climb Abbott’s Manly Office Roof For “Hunger For Justice” Campaign

Following up on last night’s provocative “Australia Open For Refugees” protest during the men’s Australian Open final, T-Abs nightmare has continued with four protesters climbing on the roof of his Manly electorate’s office.

According to 9 News, the protesters were spotted just after 9 AM this morning, after they unfurled a ‘Hunger For Justice” banner:

Hunger For Justice, a campaign organised by Cross Border Collective, sums up their action: “Hundreds of asylum seekers are taking courageous action against the horrific conditions in Australia’s immigration detention camps.” The group has been staging a seven-day hunger strike in solidarity of asylum seekers staging protests and hunger strikes in Australian detention centres – notably a 33-yer-old Iranian man detained in Darwin’s Wickham Point, who refused food for 53 days.

Today’s protesters at Tony Abbott’s office have since negotiated with police and have climbed down from the office’s roof. The protest followed a similar event this morning aboard a Qantas flight, where passengers delayed a MelbourneDarwin flight by 25 minutes after refusing to sit down, according to 9 News, in a protest against the deportation of a Tamil asylum seeker in Darwin.

Your move, Tone.

Via 9 News.
Lead image by Daniel Kalisz via Getty.