Armed Protesters Await Stanford Rapist Brock Turner’s Return Home

Brock Turner might be a free man, but that doesn’t mean the general public believes he’s served his time. Not one bit. 

A day after the convicted rapist completed his three-month stint in jail for the 2015 sexual assault of a woman at Stanford University, protests awaiting Turner’s return continued outside his family home in Ohio. 

Bearing placards with quotes like “castrate rapists” and “the rapist who lives here got 3 months. Justice?”, demonstrators brandished some serious firepower in a display of utmost disgust. 

Speaking to ABC News, one protester said “we’re going to never let him forget what he did.” Another explained “if he is uncomfortable then he begins to receive at least some punishment that he deserves for his crime.”

Turner’s case has drawn international attention and condemnation due to his lenient sentence – Turner originally faced up to 14 years behind bars –  and for the presiding judge’s apparent bias towards white, affluent offenders.

As it turns out, that judge’s gentle interpretation of the law has been countered with another American legal idiosyncrasy – the right to bear arms. That’s a right protesters are using to remind Turner of the gross injustice he’s the beneficiary of.