Protesters Storm, Trash The Ever-Loving Shit Out Of Cory Bernardi’s Office

Old mate Isaac Newton got his third law about bang on right when he stated that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

So while Cory Bernardi is off in Canberra, throwing one of the all-time greatest political tantrums over the fact that his independent report into Safe Schools found absolutely nothing wrong with it, an opposite – but not exactly equal – reaction is going down right now back in his home state of South Australia.
Protesters in favour of keeping Safe Schools – the vital LGBTQI+ program that helps troubled and disaffected youth deal with bullying and promotes safe and inclusive environments for young people of all sexual identities – have marched on Senator Bernardi’s office in the Adelaide suburb of Kent Town, chanting anti-homophobia and bigotry slogans.

The small group of student protesters maintained civility for a brief period of time, before things started turning ugly.

The group forced their way inside Bernardi’s SA HQ, chanting “racist, sexist, anti-queer, Bernardi is not welcome here,” and proceeded to trash the ever-loving shit out of the building.

Whether you like him or not (and despite the obvious schadenfreude this carries with it) it’s definitely fair to suggest that actions like this don’t really achieve much beyond making everyone involved look bad. But y’all can make up your mind on whether or not this is on the level.

‘Course none of this changes the fact that Cory Bernardi is an absolute goose. That’s one of the few constants of Australian politics right now.

Photo: Tracy Alexander/Twitter.