Prosecutors Say Chris Dawson Is A Flight Risk Thanks To His Identical Twin

chris dawson bail flight risk

Chris Dawson, the man accused of murdering his wife Lyn nearly 40 years ago, appeared in court today for bail hearing – during which the prosecution suggested that he could be a flight risk, thanks to his having an identical twin.

Dawson’s twin brother Paul and his wife have agreed to pony up the $750,000 bail surety. If bail is granted, he’ll go home from New South Wales to Coolum on Queensland‘s Gold Coast, where he’ll have to report to police every day, stay away from airports, and surrender his passport.

However, the prosecutor showed the court pictures of Paul and Chris side-by-side, and raised concerns about Dawson fleeing the country using his twin’s passport, which is both wild and chillingly plausible.

At least it seems plausible to me – according to‘s report, though, Dawson audibly scoffed at the suggestion, saying, “You’re kidding.

When the magistrate told him it was “best you stay quiet“, Dawson responded: “Sorry your honour, I didn’t know you could hear me.

The court heard that if the case goes to trial, it won’t start until at least 2020, meaning Dawson will stay in jail for a minimum of 18 months if not granted bail – and that he’d have 18 months to possibly flee the country if he is.

But both defence and prosecution want Dawson back on the Gold Coast, on strict conditional bail. The matter has been adjourned, and we’ll find out the judge’s decision on Monday. Dawson will remain in jail until then. 

Dawson was arrested after the Australian‘s podcast The Teacher’s Pet uncovered new evidence and spurred the public to contact police with further eyewitness accounts surrounding the 1982 disappearance of Lyn Dawson. Two coronial inquests in 2001 and 2003 found that Dawson killed his wife, but no charges have been brought against him until now. The 70-year-old was having an affair with the family babysitter, who moved in just two days after Lyn’s disappearance. He continues to maintain his innocence.