British Fella “Annoyed” After Insta Gives His Username To Harry & Meghan

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A British man claims Instagram poached his username without permission and handed it to some new users – namely, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. 

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Speaking to the BBC, West Sussex man Kevin Keiley said his handle @sussexroyal was recently pilfered for use by the couple as they made their joint debut on the social media platform. His profile was renamed @_sussexroyal_.

Keiley said his account didn’t boast too many followers, and that he primarily used it to keep up to date with other users. That stands in stark contrast to the royal couple’s account, which has amassed 3.6 million followers in a matter of days.

The fella said he was “annoyed” nobody from Instagram, nor the royal family, reached out to him about the change.

“It took my son to text me to tell me,” Keiley told the broadcaster.

Despite his disappointment at Instagram for the takeover, Keiley says he remains fond of the pair.

“I have nothing against Harry and Meghan at all. I think they’re lovely people.

“I really like Harry, especially, because he’s just a lad,” he said.

Instagram told the BBC it retains the rights to alter a user’s profile if it has remained inactive for a certain period of time.

While @sussexroyal is now the property of the Duke and Duchess on Instagram, Keiley maintains ownership on Twitter. Just as well, really. Cop these hot updates, posted after the Insta coup:

A proper bit of patter, that.