Ch10’s Looking For Future Teeth Whitening Endorsers To Sign Up For ‘Bachelorette’

After much speculation, the leading lady for 2019’s The Bachelorette was revealed to be none other than former Gogglebox / I’m A Celeb babe, Angie Kent.

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She’s made the announcement on both the official Bachie Insta account and her personal page, she’s done several radio interviews in the lead-up to the season, there’s only one thing she needs now: some willing suitors.

Channel 10 is currently looking for single fellas between the ages of 23-40 who are keen to be a contestant on this year’s The Bachelorette.

In a video shared to the official Bachie IG, Angie beckons blokes to come on down and sign their souls over to her.

“I am actually really serious about looking for love,” she says in the video.

She adds that she’s hoping to find someone “super funny, super down-to-earth and doesn’t take life to seriously.”

They have to be “passionate about something ‘coz if you’re passionate, you wanna get up and it just makes life easier.”

Filming is set to commence in June, 2019 and may take up to 12 weeks in total, in which time you’ll be put through literal hoops (among other gimmicky challenges) to win Angie over.

Fill out your application form via 10’s casting website and if you make it through to the audition stage, you will be called in towards the end of this month to prove yourself.

Think you’ve got what it takes to fill Yvie’s spot on the couch?