WATCH: Kendall Jenner Goes True Blue & Attempts A Tim Tam Slam While In Oz

Kendall Jenner is currently in Australia on a whirlwind trip for the grand opening of the Tiffany & Co. store in Sydney and while she’s Down Under, she’s traded out those giant, shakable salads for the beloved local treat, Tim Tams.

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Jenner’s makeup artist Mary Phillips shared an Instagram Story of the reality star attempting the famous Tim Tam Slam alongside another mate.

For those who don’t have much of a sweet tooth, the Tim Tam Slam involves chewing off both ends of a Tim Tam biccy and using it to suck out a drink, usually coffee or tea.

The model sits backstage in a bathrobe as she gives the Aussie challenge a crack, opting for a cuppa tea to dunk her biscuit in (which I think is a psychopathic move, but hey).

“Woah, it like legit works, it’s melting from inside out!” Kendall says in the clip. “Look at this, how crazy is this… it’s totally soggy!”

The video is incorrectly captioned ‘Tim Tam Bomb’ but what can I tell ya? ‘Murica.

The ladies add that they “highly recommend” the challenge which I’m sure will do wonders to bolster the popularity of the prized local sweet.

Not too bad a slog considering the Victoria’s Secret model was reportedly paid $500,000 (US$355,800) for her glam 24-hour trip to Australia, reports The Daily Telegraph.

If that’s accurate, Kendall received roughly $21,000 an hour, or $350 a minute, just to (literally) talk shop on the red carpet and eat Tim Tams backstage.

Mate, tough gig.