98 Y.O. Daphne Dunne Met Prince Harry A Third Time & Oh God Our Hearts

Even if you’re a staunch anti-monarchist, the moment that 98-year-old Daphne Dunne from Sydney met once again with Prince Harry this morning outside the Sydney Opera House is surely too god-damned wholesome to not get you right in the feels. It’s what we’ve been waiting for. It’s god damn royal visit tradition now.

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It’s the third time that the war widow has met Harry and the first time that he’s introduced her to Meghan Markle.

My heart. MY. HEART.

Daphne met Prince Harry on his visits to Australia in 2015 and 2017, and upon spotting her in the seated area of the couple’s first public outing today, Harry beelined to Daphne to give the loyal royal fan a perfect hat-trick.

Daphne greeted Harry with open arms as Harry went in for a big hug (ugh, help) before kneeling to chat with Daphne as she held his face in her hand the same way a doting grandmother who’s deeply proud of her grandkids would do. You know the one.

NUP CYA, IT’S TOO MUCH. (Image: Getty Images/Samir Hussein.)

Harry then called Meghan over to meet Daphne, who also knelt down and held her hands while having a solid chat. (URHGHHH MY HEART, HELP.)

Daphne wished the couple congratulations on the recent announcement of their pregnancy, and said that “it’s the best thing to happen to Harry“. Meghan hoped that the next time they meet, the royal couple will have the “little one” with them.

Harry complimented Daphne on her new shoes, and Daphne sent them on their way with a purple envelope, flowers, and stole her third (!!!) kiss from the Duke of Sussex.

Sorry but if you don’t think that this is the most precious and wholesome thing you’ve seen all week then I don’t know what’s wrong with you, or how much you sold your soul for.