Prince George’s Face-Smushing Farewell To Canada May Make Yr Heart Explode

Ooooomph, this one’s got me right in the ovaries.
Our future king, one Prince George of Cambridge, is cute. This is a well-known fact.  
He was cute when he wore that little red, Bo Peep-esque number. 
He was cute when he gifted us commoners with his first few waves.
Heck, he was particularly cute when he refused Justin Trudeau’s high five and instead left him hanging like a potato a couple days ago. 
But today, ladies and gents, we have reached a new adorable peak thought not possible.
Behold, Prince George saying sayonara to Canada
There he is, with Mum, Dad & Charlotte, looking a little sheepish.
Really doesn’t look that into it, hey.
The expression of a despondent 55-year-old accountant. 
Sass personified. 
There we go! He’s cracking a smile, he’s warming right up.
Oh my fuck.
Killing me. 
That’s our boy.
The sickening adorableness didn’t end there. Nope. Boy George hopped aboard the private jet, and kept on giving the fans what they wanted.
Too damn cute.
Source: Elle.
Photo(s): Karwai Tang / Andrew Chin / Samir Hussien / Getty.