The Prince’s Name Is Finally Here And It’s Ridiculously Royal AF

It seems the royal fam have taken some inspo off One Direction (bad joke sorry) because four days after the Duchess of Cambridge, Catherine gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, Kensington Palace have finally blessed us with a name.

Louis Arthur Charles. 

Which is a jumble of the predicted names so we were all quite close.

“The baby will be known as His Royal Highness Prince Louis of Cambridge.” 

Prince Louis.

Mates, that’s so bloody royal AF my pinkie is lifting on its own accord.

Louis is one of the middle names of Prince William and Prince George so that’s also quite cute.

The bets had been on Arthur, Albert, James, Alfred, Henry, then Louis then Alexander – that last one got rocketed right to the front after Prince William made a joke, which we all took too seriously… because we (me) have no lives.

Earlier today, people were 99 per cent sure the baby’s name was Albert after the actual website ( did a quick upload and a delete of page with the URL, But alas, it appears to have been all a joke and a sobering one at that as we were all reminded just how much we care about the royals even though we don’t want to.

Anyway, Prince Louis joins two-year-old Princess Charlotte and four-year-old Prince George and just like his siblings, Prince Louis is bound to be ridiculously adorable. He’s also fifth in line to the throne.


Well, that’s it for now folks ’til Kate picks up a camera and decides to take some impossibly adorable royal portraits again.

Again, ugh.

Congratulations to the Royal Family.