Pip Edwards Has Released A Statement After Ex Michael Clarke’s Altercation With Jade Yarbrough

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Former Aussie cricket captain Michael Clarke has made headlines across the country after getting involved in a heated exchange on camera with his girlfriend Jade Yarbrough and TV presenter Karl Stefanovic. Now his ex Pip Edwards has released a cryptic statement about the incident.

This whole affair began after The Daily Telegraph obtained and released wild footage of Michael Clarke feuding with his GF in Noosa on January 10.

Jade Yarbrough appeared to slap Clarke and can be heard accusing him of cheating.

“You fucked her on December 17… you fucked her, you’re a fucking dog,” she can be heard yelling.

“You fucking liar, I saw everything, I saw everything.

“I’d like to get every fucking message that you ever fucking sent her.”

Some individuals have called out Jade Yarbrough for the slap.

It is believed she was implying Clarke slept with P.E. Nation founder Pip Edwards, quoting a message he allegedly sent her that read: “Oh yeah, you’re the love of my life Pip, come to India.”

Meanwhile, Clarke can be heard asking Jade Yarbrough to hit him again and repeating “Baby you’re wrong.”

He also has a go at Karl Stefanovic who can be seen standing nearby. Stefanovic’s wife is Jade Yarbrough’s sister, Jasmine Yarbrough, for context.

The four were staying at celebrity accountant Anthony Bell‘s $10 million holiday house. Bell was also present when the fight occurred.

Now, Pip Edwards, who this feud seems to be about, has released a statement to The Daily Telegraph.

“This is not my circus,” said Edwards.

“Yet again, Michael in his true nature has not taken responsibility for his actions and I was blatantly lied to.”

The Daily Mail released pictures of Jade Yarbrough and Clarke having an argument at Bell’s holiday mansion just two days before their park altercation.

In the pics, Jade Yarbrough can be seen pushing Clarke away.

Clarke spoke with The Daily Telegraph, saying he is “shattered” by his own actions.

“I’m absolutely gutted I’ve put people I hold in the highest regard in this position. My actions in the lead-up to this altercation were nothing short of shameful and regrettable,” he said.

“I’ve drawn women of class and integrity, and my mates, into this situation.

“I own this fully and am the only one at fault.”

On top of this, the bystander who The Daily Telegraph obtained the footage from also gave them a statement.

“We were in the park and saw something erupt, and lo and behold it was one of the most famous cricketers in the country and one of the most famous TV identities in Australia fighting each other,” he told the news outlet.

Another witness to the scene also provided a statement.

“It was gobsmacking. At the end of the day, these guys are public figures… I just know if you’re a public figure, you can’t behave like that,” they said.