Pip Edwards Apologises For Her January 26 Insta Posts But Still Manages To Miss The Point

Pip Edwards and her statement about the upside down Aboriginal flag

P.E Nation founder Pip Edwards has apologised for her Instagram posts from an Australia Day BBQ, but didn’t address people’s key concerns – namely, about why she was choosing to celebrate the day in the first place.

The BBQ posts were described as “tone deaf” and “confusing,” as they appeared immediately after a post from Edwards about why January 26 is not a day to celebrate.

“I want to express my sincere apologies to those that I have offended,” Edwards’ statement begins.

“My intentions were always from a good place, in support of all people, wanting unity and community in this country and globally.”

The rest of her statement explained the the upside down Aboriginal flag in her Stories and why she edited the caption on her January 26 post. The original was captioned, “A day to celebrate the land that we live and thrive on. I love you Australia,” but was later amended to, “Acknowledging the beautiful land that we live and thrive on.”

“I innocently did not realise that the Aboriginal flag was upside down and was more focused on the idea of raising both flags together on the one pole, flying as one. I understand it was a huge mistake to not know at the time but my intention was never to cause disrespect.”

She continued: “I then made the error of incorrectly using the word ‘celebrate the land’ when it should have read ‘acknowledge’. Again, a big mistake on my part and for that I deeply apologise.”

Comments on the apology post have been turned off.

But her statement on Instagram, accompanied by a photo of the ocean, does not address commenters’ concerns about the contradiction between sharing a statement apparently in support of calls to change the date of Australia Day then going ahead and celebrating a day that carries trauma for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

“Why have you posted a story explicitly outlining why today is not the date to celebrate and then posted this, precisely the opposite?” wrote I’m A Celeb‘s Abbie Chatfield on Edwards’ original post.

“You are clearly aware of the reasoning behind the protests, the outcry, the mourning… but post this. Confusing, tone deaf behaviour. I don’t even know what to say. Usually it would be ‘educate yourself’ but…you have posted about why this isn’t okay. It’s honestly baffling. Also, the Aboriginal Flag is upside down in your stories, so.”

Pip Edwards’ January 26 posts remain live on Instagram.

Pip Edwards' January 26 Instagram posts
Image: Instagram / Pip Edwards

Pip Edwards' January 26 Instagram posts
Image: Instagram / Pip Edwards

You can support Aboriginal peoples around January 26 and every day of the year by shopping from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander-owned businesses or donating to organisations like Sisters Inside, the Aboriginal Legal Service – NSW & ACT and the Victorian Aboriginal Legal Service.