Dutton Called Speaker Of The House Sharon Claydon ‘Mr Speaker’ 18 Times After Being Corrected

Peter Dutton mr speaker

It’s been a while since we’ve had to write about the Dark Lord Peter Dutton but now he’s back in the news for being a [REDACTED PLEASE DON’T SUE ME] idiot.

Dutton repeatedly called Deputy Speaker Sharon Claydon “Mr Speaker” while arguing against an energy relief bill in the House of Representatives on Thursday. Needless to say, Claydon is NOT a man, but such a simple fact did not matter to our infamous Opposition Leader.

Per The Guardian Australia, Dutton called Claydon “Mr Speaker” 18 times, even after being corrected TWICE. It feels to me as if Dutton doesn’t give two shits about women or their voices. Are we really surprised?

You can watch the clip below in which Claydon suspends her disbelief at the chauvinist buffoonery occurring before her.

Imagine if Peter Dutton was referred to as a woman even once in the House of Reps? He’d go absolutely ballistic on everyone there. And yet here he is talking to a woman and referring to her as a man.

Not only is it completely disrespectful but it really says something about what gender Peter Dutton envisions people in power to be. From this footage, one can assume his brain expects the Speaker of the House to be a man and so addresses them as such. It’s a warped view and it’s fucked.

“Completely cut her off, refused to listen to her when she spoke again and immediately went back to using the wrong title,” wrote one commenter on The Guardian Australia‘s video.

“Unfortunately this level of disrespect isn’t unique in Australian workplaces,” wrote another.

“It’s a shame but not a surprise that not even the men in parliament can give basic respect to their colleagues and must insist on behaving like this.”

“He fundamentally doesn’t respect anyone who happens to be different to him,” wrote a third.

I’m shocked but not at all surprised that the Liberal party has managed to find someone more disastrously backward than former PM Scott Morrison. Heaven forbid we ever have a Dutton government in charge.

Honestly, the Liberals could replace Dutton with a drunk seal and they’d probably have a better leader running around.