Peter Dutton Becomes Mr. Sheffield In This Glorious Pisstake Of ‘The Nanny’

The weird-ass obsession Peter Dutton has for white immigrants caught in the visa system is building to a head thanks to questions over his intervention in a pair of cases in 2015.

In both cases, the Immigration Minister used his ministerial discretion powers to grant visitor visas to two young tourists – both done in the name of “public interest” – who travelled to Australia to act as au pairs.

Both young women arrived with inadequate visas to work in Australia, and both were granted tourist visas by Dutton after he personally got involved in the cases.

Dutton’s decisions have been grilled in Parliament this week, in the wake of Dutton asserting that white South African farmers should receive preferential asylum status in Australia; a claim that flies in the face of just about everything else Dutton’s ever said on the topic of asylum-seeking immigration.

That’s the long and dirty of it. Thankfully, we’ve got the seriously very good Tonightly with Tom Ballard to distill that situation top-to-bottom and riotously take the ever-loving piss out of it.

Last night’s Tonightly took what some might call an insane idea and spun it to glorious lengths: running old mate through the iconic opening credits of The Nanny – of course – complete with bang-on animation and a rockin’ parody tune.

It’s seriously good for what ails ye, this bit.

Thank christ for Australia’s love of hanging shit on important things. We’d probably all have gone mad by now if it weren’t for that.

Well, y’know, madder than we already are, that is.